Will You Get Paid If Your Customer Files For Bankruptcy?


Managing cash flow and chasing up overdue accounts can cause major stress and disrupt operations for business owners. But what are your rights if a debtor files for bankruptcy and will you get paid what you are owed? What Happens When A Customer files For Bankruptcy? If one of your customers has filed for bankruptcy […]

Victorian Debt Collection & Recovery: What Do Businesses Need To Know?


Outstanding debt can be stressful and cause significant cashflow issues for your business. If you’re a business operating in victoria it’s important to have a defined and consistent collection process in place for your business and is complying with the Victorian Consumer Affaird and ACCC debt collection guidelines. In this article we’re going to discuss […]

Small Business Debt Collection: How Does It Work?


Debt Collection Agency for Small Business – JMA Credit Control No matter what kind of business you’re in, there will always be some customers who don’t pay their invoices. You send bills that aren’t paid and make calls that aren’t answered. Or maybe you just hear excuses.  As a small business it’s easy to become […]