6 Tips To Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow


Are you aware that even if your small business is generating a profit you could still go bust? In fact 60% of businesses that close down are profitable but they simply run out of cash because of poor cash flow management. As a small business your are often so focused on generating new business, servicing […]

5 Tips For Preventing Bad Debt in Business

1. Perform a thorough background credit check More than 80% of small business owners’ have experienced cash flow problems in the past 12 months, according to an online survey. The survey highlights that only 17% of businesses conduct credit checks on new customers. The report also shows that a key contributing factor to business owners’ […]

4 Tips Small Businesses Can Implement in 2016 to Get Paid Fast.

4 tips small businesses can implement in 2016 to get paid fast. Business Victoria highlights that getting paid and managing cash flow are in the top 5 small business problems for Australian businesses. It’s can be easy to point the finger at the customer when it comes to unpaid accounts but often the business can […]