How Legally Binding Terms Of Trade Can Save You $1000’s


Does your business offer credit to customers? (You may not think so but if you deliver goods or services and get paid at a later date then you do offer credit.) Does your business have legally binding Terms of Trade (sometimes called Terms and Conditions)? Do these terms of trade protect you and your businesses […]

What Do Debt Collectors Do?

The role of a debt collector can cover a lot of different areas, but in its most basic form, a debt collector is hired by a company to recover money that is owed to them. Many very large companies will have their own in-house collection agencies but for those of you that don’t have the […]

Small Business: The Right Way To Collect A Debt


If your business provides products or services on credit (you deliver the product or service then collect payment later), then eventually you will run into a customer who pays late or not at all. When this happens you need to be careful about how you proceed to collect that debt to ensure you don’t break […]