Small Business Debt Statistics: 7 Tips To Remain Cashflow Positive


Australian small businesses are owed $26 billion at any one time because of unpaid invoices as reported in the SMH in November last year. Research published by Intuit shows that of the 508 small businesses surveyed, the average SME is left in the red to the tune of an average $13,200. As a small business owner you’ve typically been […]

Expanding Your Business? Minimise Risk With Credit Insurance


Most business owners want to grow their sales and profits, acquire larger clients, and expand into new territories. But achieving this growth comes with greater financial risk that can leave you vulnerable to financial losses and even bankruptcy. What many business owners don’t know is that you can reduce and manage your risk levels with […]

How To Protect Your Business From Clients’ That Go Bankrupt


Do you ever worry that your business might go broke if a large customer goes bankrupt, won’t pay or skips town? This potential scenario can add a lot of stress, risk and uncertainty to running your business. It can also make it very difficult to manage cashflow and plan for the future. The sad thing […]