64% Of Millennials Unaware Of “Bad Credit Score” Consequences


Millennials now make up around a quarter of Australia’s population and are fast becoming the largest consumer group as their incomes grow and they begin making more purchases on large ticket items. But a recent report by a large Australian credit reporting agency reveals that many Millennials have little to know understanding of what a […]

How Credit Score Can Affect Your Small Business


Your personal credit score paints a detailed picture of your financial history. From the first day you ever applied for or received credit in anyway your credit score has been accumulating. This may have been when… You got your first mobile phone plan Had electricity hooked up to your first rental property Applied for a […]

Risks Of Issuing A Statutory Demand


When a company owes you money you may believe that issuing a statutory demand is the best course of action to recover the outstanding funds. But when issuing a statutory demand there are many risks associated that you must be aware of before taking action. In this article I’ll explain… What you must be aware […]