Small Business Debt Collection Myths Busted

Every business large or small that provides credit to customers (delivering products or services then invoicing after) will eventually have a customer who cannot or will not pay. Depending on what industry you’re in, this could happen very regularly. So along with all the other tasks you have to complete now you also have to […]

Why Your Invoices Are Not Getting Paid On Time & What To Do About It

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. If you’re invoices are not paid on time you may stretch your working capital too thin and not be able to operate your business at full capacity (or at all) if you do not quickly address the reasons why this is happening. In this article we will […]

What You Can Do If A Customer Doesn’t Pay

You’ve heard the stories of businesses losing large amount of revenue because of clients who wouldn’t or couldn’t pay. Yet you may believe that will never happen to you. But if you provide products or services on credit then at some stage it is very likely you’ll be dealing with one of these situations yourself […]

Debt Collector Vs Lawyer: Who To Choose For Collecting Unpaid Debts

So you have a customer who has an overdue account and is not making an effort to pay. You have taken a number of steps to recover the funds yourself such as sending a reminder email, making phone calls and sending overdue payment letters. Yet still you have not received payment or worse you cannot […]

Why Businesses Should Credit Check New Customers

In many businesses it is common practice to extend credit to customers. If your business provides products or services and receives payment at a later date, you are effectively loaning money to your customers, and if I were loaning money to people or businesses I didn’t know I would want to find out about their […]

Small Business Debt Statistics: 7 Tips To Remain Cashflow Positive

Australian small businesses are owed $26 billion at any one time because of unpaid invoices as reported in the SMH in November last year. Research published by Intuit shows that of the 508 small businesses surveyed, the average SME is left in the red to the tune of an average $13,200. As a small business owner you’ve typically been […]

Expanding Your Business? Minimise Risk With Credit Insurance

Most business owners want to grow their sales and profits, acquire larger clients, and expand into new territories. But achieving this growth comes with greater financial risk that can leave you vulnerable to financial losses and even bankruptcy. What many business owners don’t know is that you can reduce and manage your risk levels with […]

How To Protect Your Business From Clients’ That Go Bankrupt

Do you ever worry that your business might go broke if a large customer goes bankrupt, won’t pay or skips town? This potential scenario can add a lot of stress, risk and uncertainty to running your business. It can also make it very difficult to manage cashflow and plan for the future. The sad thing […]

How To Hire a Collection Agency

If you’ve never used a debt collection agency to recover unpaid accounts for your business then it may be a bit daunting figuring out… Where To Start? What Questions To Ask? Is It Worth Hiring A Collection Agency For Your Unpaid Debts? What Information Do I Need To Provide? This short article will answer all […]

What Can Debt Collectors Do If Customers Don’t Pay

Most the time the customers and clients you deal with will pay with no problem at all. But without a doubt there will be times in your business when you provide a product or service and your customer simply can’t or won’t pay (even after a friendly reminder), and further action is needed to recover […]