small-business-how-to-collect-outstanding-debt Small Business: The Right Way To Collect A Debt

If your business provides products or services on credit (you deliver the product or service then collect payment later), then eventually you will run into a customer who pays late or not at all. When this happens you need to be careful about how you proceed to collect that debt to ensure you don’t break […]

improve-small-business-cashflow 6 Tips To Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow

Are you aware that even if your small business is generating a profit you could still go bust? In fact 60% of businesses that close down are profitable but they simply run out of cash because of poor cash flow management. As a small business your are often so focused on generating new business, servicing […]

5 Tips For Preventing Bad Debt in Business

1. Perform a thorough background credit check More than 80% of small business owners’ have experienced cash flow problems in the past 12 months, according to an online survey. The survey highlights that only 17% of businesses conduct credit checks on new customers. The report also shows that a key contributing factor to business owners’ […]

4 Tips Small Businesses Can Implement in 2016 to Get Paid Fast.

4 tips small businesses can implement in 2016 to get paid fast. Business Victoria highlights that getting paid and managing cash flow are in the top 5 small business problems for Australian businesses. It’s can be easy to point the finger at the customer when it comes to unpaid accounts but often the business can […]

how-long-do-you-have-to-recover-unpaid-debts How Long Do You Have To Recover Debts?

Recovering old debts is an issue that many businesses deal with on a regular basis. But how long do you have to recover your unpaid debts? How long before debt becomes uncollectible and is written off? To the letter of the law a creditor has 6 years from the date… on which the debt became […]

how-to-write-a-letter-of-demand-australia How To Write A Letter Of Demand

Writing a Letter Of Demand for payment is usually the last step you will take when trying to recover an unpaid debt before taking legal action. You should only consider writing a letter of demand if all other reminders and friendlier options have been exhausted, and your debt has still not been paid and the […]

client-files-bankruptcy Will You Get Paid If Your Customer Files For Bankruptcy?

Managing cash flow and chasing up overdue accounts can cause major stress and disrupt operations for business owners. But what are your rights if a debtor files for bankruptcy and will you get paid what you are owed? What Happens When A Customer files For Bankruptcy? If one of your customers has filed for bankruptcy […]

victorian-debt-collection-recovery Victorian Debt Collection & Recovery: What Do Businesses Need To Know?

Outstanding debt can be stressful and cause significant cashflow issues for your business. If you’re a business operating in victoria it’s important to have a defined and consistent collection process in place for your business and is complying with the Victorian Consumer Affaird and ACCC debt collection guidelines. In this article we’re going to discuss […]

small-business-debt-collection Small Business Debt Collection: How Does It Work?

Debt Collection Agency for Small Business – JMA Credit Control No matter what kind of business you’re in, there will always be some customers who don’t pay their invoices. You send bills that aren’t paid and make calls that aren’t answered. Or maybe you just hear excuses.  As a small business it’s easy to become […]

outsource-debt-collection Why You Should Outsource Your Debt Collection in 2016

Is it time to outsource your debt collection? Many Australian businesses are now seeking professional help to recover overdue accounts due to growing debt levels, rising bankruptcy rates and positive industry reform from revised debt collection guidelines issued last year. If you’re thinking about hiring a debt collection agency or lawyer to conduct collections on […]