client-files-bankruptcy Will You Get Paid If Your Customer Files For Bankruptcy?

Managing cash flow and chasing up overdue accounts can cause major stress and disrupt operations for business owners. But what are your rights if a debtor files for bankruptcy and will you get paid what you are owed? What Happens When A Customer files For Bankruptcy? If one of your customers has filed for bankruptcy […]

victorian-debt-collection-recovery Victorian Debt Collection & Recovery: What Do Businesses Need To Know?

Outstanding debt can be stressful and cause significant cashflow issues for your business. If you’re a business operating in victoria it’s important to have a defined and consistent collection process in place for your business and is complying with the Victorian Consumer Affaird and ACCC debt collection guidelines. In this article we’re going to discuss […]

small-business-debt-collection Small Business Debt Collection: How Does It Work?

Debt Collection Agency for Small Business – JMA Credit Control No matter what kind of business you’re in, there will always be some customers who don’t pay their invoices. You send bills that aren’t paid and make calls that aren’t answered. Or maybe you just hear excuses.  As a small business it’s easy to become […]

outsource-debt-collection Why You Should Outsource Your Debt Collection in 2016

Is it time to outsource your debt collection? Many Australian businesses are now seeking professional help to recover overdue accounts due to growing debt levels, rising bankruptcy rates and positive industry reform from revised debt collection guidelines issued last year. If you’re thinking about hiring a debt collection agency or lawyer to conduct collections on […]

how-to-get-paid-issue-letter-of-demand How To Get Paid: Issuing A Letter Of Demand

One of the biggest issues that small businesses have in Australia isn’t something that happens before or during the sale. The biggest issue, in fact, happens afterwards when it’s time to collect money owed for the services provided. Business Victoria confirms this by highlighting “getting paid” and cashflow in their top 5 small business problems […]

How-To-Recover-Unpaid-Invoices-Customers-That-Dont-Pay How To Recover Unpaid Invoices From Customers That Don’t Pay

Everyday millions of small businesses in both Australia and around the world are dealing with unpaid invoices.  In fact according to many government surveys the biggest issue businesses face is slow or late payments. When combined with the statistics and chance or recovering debt based on the amount of time that has prolonged then the […]

How-Small-Businesses-Can-Improve-Cash-Flow-with-These-Simple-Steps How Small Businesses Can Improve Cash Flow with These Simple Steps

Cash is king when it comes to operating in business and therefore managing cash flow is an essential part of making your business viable for the long-term. It’s near impossible to grow a business without a strong and positive cash flow so as a business what can you do to maintain a health and positive […]

Are-Your-Credit-Terms-Enforceable Are Your Credit Terms Enforceable?

Getting paid can sometimes cause complications for your business yet it’s a critical part of maintaining a positive cashflow. It’s especially easy for small businesses to feel bullied when it comes to getting paid because big businesses are quick to set their terms. Unfortunately, simply sending an invoice that says your client must pay within […]

claim-debt-collection-fee-deductions Are Debt Collection Fees Deductible and How To Make The Debtor Liable

We are often asked the question about whether debt collection fees are deductible and whether the debtor can be legally bound and accountable for any fees that occur. You’ll be happy to know that the simple answer is ‘YES’ but in order for it to be so you, the business, must have clear terms of […]

debt-collection-tips 5 Debt Collection Tips to Recover Outstanding Debt Quickly

Overdue account problems are more unlikely to occur if a business conditions its customers from the outset. If you do not enforce your credit terms, you are asking them to be ignored, or worse you may even been operating on your debtors terms. More than 80% of small business owners’ have experienced cash flow problems […]