How to Charge Late Payment Fees and Avoid Any Pitfalls

So you’re sick and tired of customers paying their invoices late and want to include a late payment fee or penalty charge into your Terms of Trade, but you’re not sure how to do it. Well you’ve come to the right place… Before updating your terms of trade you need to be sure that the […]

Tips For Improving Payment Terms With Suppliers


One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your business cashflow is to improve payment terms with your suppliers. There may be many reasons why you want to improve cashflow… You could be under cashflow pressure due to longer payment terms you have set up with your customers and want set up similar […]

How To Ask For Payment In An Email


Chasing up customers or clients for outstanding or overdue payments is a common task for many businesses. History tells us that whenever you offer products or services on credit there is a good chance that your invoices will be paid late. In fact a recent survey by MarketInvoice, a UK finance company showed that globally […]

How Do I Write Business Terms And Conditions

Drafting complete, legally binding and personalised terms and conditions for your business is an important task that every business must undertake. It is highly recommended that you seek professional help to ensure that your business terms and conditions cover everything that is required and avoid any terms, conditions or statements that may cause any legal […]

64% Of Millennials Unaware Of “Bad Credit Score” Consequences


Millennials now make up around a quarter of Australia’s population and are fast becoming the largest consumer group as their incomes grow and they begin making more purchases on large ticket items. But a recent report by a large Australian credit reporting agency reveals that many Millennials have little to know understanding of what a […]

How Credit Score Can Affect Your Small Business


Your personal credit score paints a detailed picture of your financial history. From the first day you ever applied for or received credit in anyway your credit score has been accumulating. This may have been when… You got your first mobile phone plan Had electricity hooked up to your first rental property Applied for a […]

Risks Of Issuing A Statutory Demand


When a company owes you money you may believe that issuing a statutory demand is the best course of action to recover the outstanding funds. But when issuing a statutory demand there are many risks associated that you must be aware of before taking action. In this article I’ll explain… What you must be aware […]

Proven Tips To Get Your Invoices Paid Faster


Getting your customers to pay on time is one of the most important yet often overlooked business tasks. If your invoices are not paid on time your cash flow suffers. If your cash flow suffers you may not have money to pay employees, suppliers, debts, taxes or have money to invest in growing your business. […]

Customer Won’t Pay For Goods & Services Delivered


Know Your Legal Options for Collecting Unpaid Invoices As a business owner it’s crucial that you know exactly where you stand and what your legal options are when a customer cannot, or will not, pay for goods or services delivered. Not only do you want to know your options but you’ll want to know how […]

How To Ask For Payment Politely


Following up with invoices is a fact of life for business owners. But many people get very nervous when a payment becomes overdue and they need to ask for payment. The most important thing you can do is develop an efficient collections system that you follow with every client and every invoice. This will give […]