Enlisting a debt collection agency to assist in Debt Collection

The process of debt collection is by no means a pleasant experience, yet in today’s world both nationally and abroad; it remains an ongoing practice for those who wish to call in their debts.

Reasons for debt collection vary, but they generally encompass the following: your debtor is unable to pay back the money owed for financial reasons, your debtor is in need of extra time to pay back the money owed, or have as many put it ‘done a runner’ to avoid paying back debt owed. Whatever the case, chasing up debt owed is never a positive experience for either party involved, and for those who are naturally timid by nature, it can be incredibly intimidating to approach a debtor about money owed. This is where a debt collection agency can be useful to you in assisting in the debt collection process.


A debt collection agency can be an extremely useful resource in pursing debt owed to you as by introducing a third party it puts more pressure on the debtor to pay you ahead of other creditors. A debt collection agency should always act respectfully and courteously to debtors. Harassing and threatening debtors in order to obtain the money they owe a creditor is unacceptable practice. In addition, a person should never be pursued for debt unless it is absolutely certain that said person is liable for debt owed. It’s important to keep in mind that there are legal obligations and laws that both debtors and creditors must follow, so it’s important to research these to make sure you’re not breaching any code of conduct or laws that apply to debt recovery.


There are an extensive range of debt collection agencies within Australia, so it’s important that if considering the use of a debt collection agency, you do your research to gather insight in to what debt collection agency is suitable for your needs.


Written by Richard Thompson

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